Support Info

Thomas and I are serving here in Nicaragua through Kingdom Point International. Below are the details for our support raising.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our support is based in three different categories: prayer, encouragement and financial.


Prayer support is definitely the most important, as nothing significant ever happens without God and the prayers of His people.  Being a part of the prayer support team means being committed to pray for us and for our ministries, such as the development of the sports center and the ongoing scholarship program.


Encouragement support is an area of a little more creativity. Receiving fun emails with encouraging words are great. Sending things to Nicaragua is not too easy but when teams come we are so thankful for people who can bring items we miss or cannot get in Nicaragua . Thanks to those who keep us encouraged!


Financial support is the life blood to the ministries we serve.  With your financial dedication, we are able to change lives by sending children to school, providing a sports center for the youth and creating ties within the community to improve the development of Nicaragua.  Thomas and I budget to raise $2700 a month.  If you are interested in supporting us financially, please see the information below.

Please make checks out to the Kingdom Point International and send them to:
Kingdom Point International
 P.O Box 269
Somers, MT  59932 

Online Donation
To make an online donation or setting up a reccurring donation, please use this link.

Thank you to all of you who have joined with us in this adventure. You are a total answer to prayer and an extremely great gift to us!

” Nicaragua , Nicaraguita, la flor mas lindo de mi querer y ahora ya que sos libre, Nicaraguita, yo te quiero mucho mas.”
~ Mejia Godoy (Nicaraguan duo)