Summer teams

Summer vacation has come and gone, and our older three are back in school now.  We had a fun, relaxing summer which included hosting two teams at the sports center.  Our kids love it when teams are here.  Samantha always tries to learn everyone’s name within the first couple of days.  She’s an extrovert for sure!  Anthony often finds one or two people with whom he gets close and hangs out with them whenever he can. Nicole is still young but has followed in her brother’s and sister’s footsteps and enjoys hanging around with the teams.

Our first team was made up of my cousin, Elizabeth, and her son along with another mom and her son.  Elizabeth and I had not seen each other in over 20 years, so it was a great reunion with lots of catching up to do.  The two boys thoroughly enjoyed their time here, working hard in the mornings on various projects around the sports center with Halle, and then were ready to play sports with the neighborhood kids and youth or help in the pool in the afternoons.  The moms did lots of hard work around the sports center too and helped Halle and I host a neighborhood clothing sale.  Overall, it was wonderful having them here and reconnecting after all these years!

Our second team was a youth group from a church in Westfield, NY.  They came very well prepared to run an afternoon vacation Bible camp.  They even were prepared to do all of their skits in Spanish!  They worked hard in the mornings helping with various projects around the sports center.  After lunch they prepared for the afternoon activities.  They started each day of camp with games on the soccer field or in the covered basketball court.  Then we met in the Ranchon area for a skit and a teaching and a testimony.  Afterwards they had a time for crafts and ended with more group games.  They also hosted a game night and a family movie night.  Those are always very popular events for the youth and families in our neighborhood.  Overall it was a busy and fun week!

Thank you teams for all your hard work and for partnering with us in ministry!

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