New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year!  Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Years! We had a great time visiting my family in Mississippi. It is such a relaxing time, and our kids really enjoy being with their Grandma and Grandpa. They also love playing with their four cousins.

With a new year, we almost always think of things we want to change or do differently.  For me one of those areas is how we communicate about our life and ministry here in Nicaragua.  In the past I have tried to keep up with writing four prayer/newsletters each year.  As we have had more kids and life is just busier, it has become one of the things that I often forget to do, or it just keeps getting pushed back because something else always seems more important at the moment.  It has also been a struggle for me to keep it around one page when, to be honest, I often have much more to say.  So I have decided to start using a blog to be able to write more frequently and to go more in-depth on certain areas of life and ministry in Nicaragua.  I plan to continue writing two concise prayer/newsletters each year (May/June and November/December) that will be posted on our website and will be emailed out.  For the blog, I plan to send an email when I have written a new post.
Thank you to all of you who keep us with us and encourage and support us!

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